Quality care like nowhere else

James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital at ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville, is committed to caring for the kids of eastern North Carolina.  Pediatric services and facilities have been designed for the unique needs of children — involving families from start to finish, delivered by specially trained clinicians in environments created just for kids.

From prevention to critical care, the team at Maynard Children’s Hospital serve as champions for children’s health, working every day to create healthy futures — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Designed to be truly family friendly, the state-of-the-art children’s hospital is staffed and equipped to handle the needs of any child, from the tiniest premature infant to the sick or injured high school student. In 78,000 square feet of dedicated space, you’ll find a whimsical aquatic theme that permeates every element, from the curved architectural features to the bubbles, beaches and coral reefs that engage children visually and tangibly, even in treatment rooms.

Creativity with real clinical benefits

How do you reduce a child’s anxiety in a waiting room? Try a multi-touch interactive wall. What about keeping a child still during an MRI? With a diversion room that offers an immersive audio/visual experience to help children relax. At our children’s hospital, innovative tactics help soothe fears. Best of all? This unconventional approach has real benefits. In many cases, for example, our diversion elements alone will sufficiently relax a patient so that we can avoid sedation — ultimately leading to safer, more efficient procedures.

Let’s promise them the world…

Together, we can do even more for the children of eastern North Carolina. The needs are ongoing and the opportunities are endless.

For questions or talk to someone about how you can learn more about Maynard Children’s Hospital, please call 252-847-5626.

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